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Mr. Smith Fucks his Daughters Best Friend Celestina and Cums in her Pussy

When Celestina comes back from her first semester at college she visits her best friend, but she gets the dates wrong and she is there several days early. Her friends dad Mr. Smith tells her she can stay, and she is happy because she didn't have another place to go. But, what she didn't know was that he was hoping for more than just a houseguest. He visits her in her room, and tests if she might be up for letting him fuck that teen pussy, and thankfully she is up for it. After a lot of fucking and sucking he cums deep inside her, and they make plans to fuck a bunch more before his daughter gets home.

Celestina Blooms 2

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June 21st 2022
video duration 00:34:33
video file 4.91G
3840 x 2160 FULL HD

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