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He fucks his friends daughter Gia Dibella when his wife and friends are out

When his friends and his wife go hiking and leave Mr. Smith and their daughter alone together they hang out. It becomes clear very fast that they want to do more than just hang out, and soon they are naked and sucking on each other. Before long Mr. Smith slides his cock inside her tight teen pussy and fucks her until he explodes inside her, but she isn't on birth control and wasn't ready for his cum. They will have to fix that problem before they do anything else, but they enjoyed it so much that they are already making plans to fuck again. To keep from getting her pregnant he plans to put it in her asshole next time, so he can cum without worrying.

Gia Dibella

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August 1st 2022
video duration 00:46:04
video file 1.39G
1280 x 720 FULL HD

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